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Boombox Product Roundup

Hey all! It probably comes as no surprise I like vintage things. Vintage music things are even better.

So this weekend me and my family went on a thrifting expedition for a desk, and while we were out, I saw an awesome vintage boombox. I’m talking a full-on Lloyd Dobler playing Peter Gabriel box, a Radio Raheem blasting Public Enemy kind of deal.

This sucker had spots for two cassettes. Recording capabilities and all. Maybe that fazes some people, because who has cassettes anymore? Well, I do, and my brother has even more. I’m not fazed by tapes.

Which makes it all the sadder that I didn’t buy it.

Didn’t even see it until we were on the way out.

So in honor of that lost treasure, this week’s product roundup features art prints, pins, and more of the old-school Spotify, the boombox.

boombox art roundup

1) Shop Fitztastic, Old School Boombox Lapel Pin & Zooniverse Designs, Retro Boombox Wooden Pin Badge

Two pins from two different places! The first is a clean white and teal box, enamel and ready for all your 80’s throwback parties. The other is a laser cut wood pin, more woodsy, a little more grunge and super cool. Either one would make a rocking accessory to any outfit or bag!

2) Marissa Mancini Photography, 1980’s Ghetto Blaster Boom Box Photograph Print

 This image manages to perfectly capture the feel of the scene it shows. This is what a boombox should be.

3) Mia Savage Studio, Linocut Greeting Card Squirrel/Boombox

 It’s a squirrel. With a boombox. Posing vaguely like Lloyd Dobler. A+. Also just a snazzy linocut!

4) Kaikoo, Radio Raheem Art Print

Bed-Stuy, Do or Die. Do The Right Thing is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. It’s one of the hardest to watch. But so worth it. If you haven’t seen it, go. Do it. Now. Seriously.

I wish it wasn’t relevant anymore. God, I wish it wasn’t. Until it’s not any more, I’ll hope Radio Raheem’s watching over us, making sure the hand of love triumphs in the end.

5) SalomehCreates, Boombox Art Print

Photographs of everyday objects sitting isolated and alone always attract me. This print of a single boombox is no exception.

6) Monster Planet, Boombox Ghetto Blaster Sticker & Angry Mongo, The Dobler Effect Sticker

Once again, I couldn’t pick between two stickers. The first design impresses me with its detail, especially with the black and white tones.  The second–okay, I really don’t care about Say Anything, John Cusack’s great but it’s a shoddy romance at best, the minor characters are more interesting. But that’s a damn fine joke.

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