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Possum Paper Works is a small business based in Richmond, VA. We make handbound notebooks and cool art and occasionally blog about random things about writing and art.


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Are you a writer or artist? Do you find bullet journal posts on Pinterest fascinating? PPW makes unique pre-designed books and custom journals that are perfect for all your writing, drawing, and journaling needs! Check out our Etsy below to snag your super-cool handmade book today!

possum paper works notebook



What would the world be without art? Here at PPW, we have no intentions of ever finding out. So, over at Redbubble and Society6, we have tons of funky digital designs and fancy photography for you to peruse!

yeehaw skeleton rodeo sticker redbubble

The PPW Redbubble features weird art, bold patterns, and anything I’ve designed that would look good on a sticker.


society6 art print of a seagull

The PPW Society6 has dramatic photography, colorful design, and all the cool art that’s fit to decorate your walls!