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Rainbow Circles Product Roundup

Hey there! In honor of June, which would usually be LGBTQIA+ Pride month but this year is apparently Gay Wrath month, this art roundup features rainbows! Specifically, rainbows and circles.

I have a notebook up for sale that features rainbow circles, but, like, hopefully someone will buy that soon. Here it is in case that person is you (click photo):

So, that said, let’s check out my rainbow circles product roundup so you can get cool rainbows for yourself!

rainbow circles product roundup graphic

1) Beards and Cats, Peeking Cat in Rainbow Circle

I love this. Absolutely adorable. The artist has a ton of printed-on-demand cat dad designs, and this rainbow circle cat is perfect (purrfect, if you will). The design is also available on Redbubble.

2) Handmade by Hills, Rainbow Double Circle Earrings

These simple crocheted earrings have a ton of character for being so basic. I adore the bright thread used. The texture looks very nice as well.

3) savbarr, Suns of Many Shades Art Print

Somehow no one on Society6 but me has promoted this work, and I don’t understand because this is beautiful? Seriously, this belongs in a museum.

4) Adyot Rajadhyaksha, Skin Deep Art Print

Both the rainbow and the circles are a little less pronounced on this design, and that’s part of why I like it. I love designs that feature people, and this piece does so with gorgeous colors!

5) Art Culture, Vintage Color Wheel, 1861 Art Print

Vintage art is so much fun. This print looks like it came right out of an old book or magazine on painting. Perfect for a studio!

6) HydeNGeek, I Just Arted Sticker

Okay, yeah, this isn’t exactly a rainbow, but this is what I tell people after I finish a new artistic project, and just…yeah.

Bonus! Hidden Houses, Opossum Pride Pin

possum pride pin by hidden houses


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If you’re still hungry for more arts to shop, may I recommend my own lines of notebooks on Etsy and my art on Society6 and Redbubble? Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this blog running!