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Blue Hydrangeas Product Roundup

Happy Summer! In honor of the (hot sweaty) season, I’ve found six cool artsy-fartsy items that show a flower I love that’s starting to bloom in my area, the hydrangea.

Hydrangeas come in colors ranging from blue to purple to pink to even red and white. Outside my bedroom window, I have a massive blue hydrangea bush. My dad has tried his best to knock back the mass, but they just keep growing.


It’s big and I love it.

Anyway, here’s some stunning blue hydrangea art works and products for you to enjoy!

blue hydrangeas products

1) Of The Earth/Flower Seed Paper, Bright Blue Hydrangea Pressed Flowers

These beauties inspired this post! This pack comes with 25 of the small blue flowers that make up the big bundles of color I love, perfectly pressed for all your hydrangea needs. The store also has papers with flowers, seeds, and other greenery embedded in them, along with tons of other pressed flowers.

2) Senniman Calligraphy, Blue Hydrangea Soft Enamel Pin

I love a good pin, and this enamel hydrangea fits the bill. The design is simple yet elegant, gold-lined but not too feminine for my tastes. Basically the perfect hydrangea pin.

3) Suren Art, Hydrangea Flowers and Ruby Throat Hummingbird Art Print

Before I gave up on trying to manage the feeder, we used to have hummingbirds flutter above my hydrangeas. Hummingbirds and hydrangeas always remind me of sitting in the window with a good book, tea, and my cat. I adore this print and all the memories it calls to mind.

4) Color and Color, Blue Purple Hydrangea Flower Sticker

The watercolor style of this piece captures the colors of the hydrangea beautifully! The addition of the purple is very nice. The design comes on tons of other products, so head to Redbubble and see what you like!

5) Hello Twiggs, Blue Hydrangeas Art Print

A lovely soft photograph of a bunch of flowers at the peak of their bloom. Displaying this print would be an easy way to bring a little brightly-colored summer into the chilliest of winter rooms!

6) Junkydotcom, Floral Water Color Blue Lilac Dress

Yes, the title says “blue lilac”, but those are definitely some gorgeous blue hydrangea on the pattern of this dress! I haven’t worn a dress since…2011, maybe? But this one’s great. This artist has a bunch of pretty flower patterns, check them out!


Want to buy yourself a blue hydrangea but can’t head out to the stores to get one? Here’s an online option from Etsy, and a basic care guide! Happy planting!

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