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Pencil Product Roundup

I have a love affair with pencils. Most writing implements, actually. Maybe it’s a writer thing (most writers I know hoard stationery, even when writing mostly on the computer). Maybe it’s an engineering thing (I know multiple people in STEM who can rate recommend a pen or pencil as well as any professional website). Could be I just really like stationery. And oh, I do.

I love Ticonderoga wooden pencils. The feel of a new one in my hands is magical. I’ve been lusting after Blackwing Pencils since I found out they exist. I have boxes full of super cheap promotional pencils that I will never use, but that doesn’t mean I’ll get rid of them anytime soon.

My Pencil: A Love Story

The mechanical pencil I use for most everything came at the recommendation of a fellow engineering student I met in high school. She’s one of the stationery connoisseurs I mentioned earlier. I was always so entranced when she’d pull from her bag a metal mechanical pencil or a working fountain pen, just for everyday note-taking.

I asked all the questions, of course. What the writing implements were, where they came from, how could I find one for myself, what the best kinds were. She recommended the Pentel GraphGear series, probably the most engineering-y pencil to ever exist at a reasonable cost.

The set I bought later that year came in a pack of two. Four years later, I have yet to need the second one. Sure, the first has run out of lead multiple times, and I’ve lost the eraser cap, and I’ve nearly lost the clip, and I have to use a cap eraser now instead of the tiny one that fits into the top – it doesn’t matter. That one pencil has pushed through every challenge of the last 4 years. I will keep using it until it disappears or breaks in half.

I love my pencil.


You probably didn’t need to know that. But now you do! Maybe you feel the same way about a pencil yourself – if so, you’re in the right place. I’ve made a collection of 10 awesome art pieces that honor the mighty pencil for your perusal. They would all make fantastic gifts for your favorite creator (including yourself), and all works directly support the artists who create them!

Without further ado, here’s the pencil product roundup!

pencil art roundup

1) Hive Five Studios, Cross My Art Hope to DIY Enamel Pin

This pin is adorable. I love the tiny flowers mixed in with the hands, and the detail on both the pen and pencil is fantastic.

2) YEAHYELHSA, Holographic Pencil Vinyl Sticker

Psychedelic, man. I dig it. This would look so great on a laptop!

3) Leebobawitz, Keep Creating Pencil Hard Enamel Pin

I love all of these? The black one makes me think of my beloved Ticonderogas. I would put any one of them on a bag or jacket in an instant, though.

4) Amber Pitcher, Blush Pencils Carry-All Pouch and Pencil Mountain Poster

Amber Pitcher’s got multiple snazzy pencil designs that come on all sorts of products at Society6. Most are in these lovely blush palettes, though there’s also some black pencils. I love the bold graphics of the poster, but the little bag would make such a perfect pencil pouch! You know, for all of a fifth of my collection, maybe.

5) Betsy Roo Creations, Resist Pencil Art Print

Beautiful. This stamped print would make a great addition to any desk or workspace. I’d frame it and pop it onto the top of my desk, the perfect reminder that art should always challenge something.

6) Rostislav Kralik, Peace Of Mind Art Print

In a change of direction, I checked out Fine Art America’s selection of prints, and found this gorgeous photograph. I love the intense black and white contrast. It almost feels too fancy…

7) Dollopheaded Merlin, I Can Speak So Much Easier With My Hands Notebook

Same. No, really. Verbal communication? Not my thing. Written? I’m here writing, aren’t I? Chances are, you or a writer you know feels the same way. I love that this design comes on a notebook. Perfect for any verbally-confused writer like me.

8) Picomodi, Never Stop Creating Art Print

This bold design would look amazing over a writing desk. All writers and artists need reminders to create sometimes.

9) Shiny Dangly Bits, Pencil Earrings

There are so many cool pencil earrings out there. This pair is made of resin, but other people use scrap bits of wooden pencils to make their art. I love that concept, but I would never wear them – I don’t need to stab myself on accident. These cute little earrings (with dull points) make much more sense.

10) Pietari Posti, Big Pencil Art Print

The weirdly circus-style colors here make writing and art seem much more fun than they actually are most of the time. Maybe that’s motivational? Yeah, I dunno. But I love this bright design. Almost as much as I love pencils. Almost.

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