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Sheet Ghost Product Roundup

It’s October. You know what that means?

It’s spooky season, y’all.

And by spooky I mean “weird adorable puppet ghosts singing Beatles songs”, of course. I had a video here, but the Mouse Machine seems to have done as it does and removed it.

Look, man. It’s not Halloween for me without the Vincent Price episode of the original Muppet Show. The Alice Cooper episode is also superb, but the Vincent Price episode is where it’s at. Uncle Deadly is the best.

But, like, those dancing ghosts? Best part. I have a little ghost decoration that looks a bit like those puppets. It’s a year-round feature these days.

Similarly, Peanuts comics and the It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown were constants in my childhood, and with those characters came the eternal bedsheet ghost. You know the one, the amorphous blob of a costume spawned from the cheap white sheet with holes cut for eyes and nothing else. It’s a classic.

All that to say, I like those traditional-style sheet ghosts quite a lot. I’ve never been a big fan of horror, but creepy-cute works just fine. More than fine, actually. With that in mind, let’s get started on the spooky sheet ghost product roundup!

sheet ghost product photos

1) StolzKraft, Little Ghost in Glass Bottle

A little handmade friend in a bottle! What’s not to love? No really, I’m in love. I don’t know what I’d do with this little guy, but I want one (Update: I have one now, LOVE IT). This Etsy store has lots of other little ghosts in a variety of dioramas to choose from, so check them out!

2) Quirk By Ally, Ghost Spooky Sheet Costume Enamel Pin

I can hear the implied “boo” in this pin? The little shoes and jeans make it even better. Seriously, this would look so cute on a bag strap or a hat, maybe next to a pin of your local cryptid. If you have one. Apparently my area is a little lacking in proper cryptids (Update: also have this super quality pin now! My aunt found a theme for Etsy gifts…).

3) Art of Tranifer, Love Ghosts Art Print

Just the right mix of spooky and sweet. The detail on the lavender especially gets me. This artist has tons of other ghost and mild horror-inspired artworks, so if this exact design isn’t to your fancy, you can find many other beautiful works at their shop (Also have this print! Just as lovely in person!)!

4) Dark Art Imagery, Halloween Greeting Card

This ethereal greeting card has a Poe-etic message inside for all your Halloween card needs. Invite your friends to share a pumpkin carol with you! Leave thank-yous for the spirits in the graveyards when you take a little graveyard dirt for a spell! If this card sells out, be sure to check the seller out for more Halloween inspired photos and cards.

5 & 6) Katherine Blower, Strawberry Fields & Walter

“Strawberry Fields”….hm….Beatles….ghost…someone’s on the same page as me. Katherine Blower’s art collection features tons of lonely ghosts, and I really want to make friends with all of them. Walter, this poor ghost. Walter needs a friend. The Strawberry Fields ghost has the butterflies, at least. But I want to give Walter some love.

Anyway. Go find Katherine Blower’s art, and enjoy the adorable spirits.

7) Beyond Infinite, Ghosts 1 / Black Art Print

This print is pretty popular on Society6, and with the bold black and white design, I can see why–it would look awesome on a spooky gallery wall. The high tops are probably my favorite part, the nostalgia levels at peak points.

8) Pretend Planet, Sheet Ghost Party Art Print

This has a weirdly Tim Burton-esque style that I love. Or maybe more Edward Gorey. Regardless. Like an office party from half a dimension over, this print is ready to add a bit of odd charm to your walls.


If this hasn’t been an exhaustive enough list of wee ghosties for you, here’s some more art I love:

LittlestSpookShop, LittlestSpook Pin

MikaMilkyWayy, Little Ghost Sticker Pack

Burchfiel Studios, Musical Sheet Ghost

The Crankiest Crafter, Vintage Ghost Sticker

Tyler Walls Illustration, Spooky Brudda Art Print

Little Spooky Studios, Spooky Forever Art Print

Soundnew, Ghosties Art Print

And happy Halloween! And by Halloween I mean October. Which is all Halloween. Fight me.

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