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Otter Product Roundup

Welcome to the otter product roundup! Today we’re looking at the slickest little water cat, the otter.

ollie the otter at zion

Ollie, my otter friend from Seattle, approves of this topic fully. This is a semi-blurry otter pic of Ollie at Zion National Park last summer, hanging out by the river. He claims it’s his natural habitat (but the one time he got wet he was not pleased).

If you need some otter action (and who doesn’t), there are live feeds available from the Georgia Aquarium, Monterey Bay Aquarium , and in my neck of the woods, Maymont.

Here’s some cool otter art!

otter product roundup

1) Glitter Punk Jewelry, Land and Sea Hugging Otters Pin

AAAHHH SO CUTE. I love the night sky behind the hugging otters! Glitter Punk Jewelry has a bunch of other cool pins and artworks available with cuddling animals. Check them out!

2) Tartankiwi Patterns, Otterly Adorable Quilt Pattern

If you’re looking for your own otter art to make, check out this quilt block pattern! Make your own otter posse quilt! I mean, look at that face, how can you resist? 

3) Sophie Corrigan, I Love You Like No Otter Print

Adorable. This is not the only otter art from Sophie Corrigan, and she sells over numerous different platforms. There’s a wonderful otter jotter notebook, but that looks like it’ll be out of stock shortly.  Sophie’s also got other punny works, like my personal favorite, the “Tom Waits, Patiently” print.

4) nvdesign, I Just Really Like Otters, OK? T-Shirt

I just really like otters, okay? And these otters are beautiful.

5) Mark Wheeler Photography, Otter Print

Look at this otter! So slick! So focused! This otter is going places, I tell you what.

…like back in the water.

6) alenaz, Otter This World Sticker

This sticker is otterly amazing (sorry)(not).

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If you’re still hungry for more art to shop, may I recommend my own lines of notebooks on Etsy and my work on Society6 and Redbubble? Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this blog running!