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Cowgirl Product Roundup

Yeehaw and howdy, friends! We’re looking at the art of cowgirls today!

A Short Essay on the Western

So. Fun fact about me. I’ve written multiple papers on the American Western genre of film. By multiple I mean at least 5 with serious elements of discussion and over 5 pages long, and a bunch of shorter pieces as well. If you ever want to discourse race & gender in the Westerns of the 1950s, hit me up.

If you just want something to watch without glaring unchallenged racism and sexism, I highly recommend High Noon, dir. Fred Zinnemann. Both of the female leads are well written and Katy Jurado’s Helen Ramirez might be one of my favorite ever characters in a Western.

Helen is tough, but brilliant; she owns a store, but hires a white man to run it to avoid problems from the close-minded citizens. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, but she’s also not sticking around to deal with the problems her ex-lovers are about to cause her. I love her.

Helen shows that the American Western can be more than just cowboys and Indians. The Western is American independence and fortitude set to a dusty soundtrack, and America, of course, is more than just old white dudes slinging guns.

I love it when artists reimagine the West as an equal frontier, where people can find freedom and adventure regardless of race, gender, or sexuality. An example of what I mean is Orville Peck’s Dead of Night video. I just about died when I saw it.

Essay Over.

The art I selected today shows a similar diverse side of the West, and of the folks who inhabit it.  I couldn’t pick just 6 works – I picked 10! That’s still not enough, so here’s a collection with more at Society6 I’ll probably add to.

All that (and wow, that’s a lot!) said, here’s the cowgirl product roundup!

Cowgirl Roundup Images

1) Bepy, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Illustration Print

This simple but beautiful melancholy print, based on a film of the same name,  is limited, so grab it while you can!

2) Clyde Sparkle, You and Me – Roy Rogers Bandana

One of my many shorter essays on Westerns focused on how Roy Rogers destroyed the fashion of the Western genre. The woman in this portrait looks like she might just rectify the issue. Clyde Sparkle’s shop has many similar countrified portraits, so be sure to check it out.

3) Creepy Gals, Cowgirl Lola Pin

A little cute, a little tough, a whole lotta character. Also available on a t-shirt and a keychain!

4) Nick Quintero, Multi Culture Cowgirl Art Print

The print that inspired this collection! I fell in love with Nick Quintero’s Western art as soon as I saw it. The women on this print are all available separately as well.

5) Louisa Cannell, Flowers In Jackson Art Print

A little more Nashville than Nevada, but still damn fine. This pretty lady might look demure, but don’t let her fool you–those jeans and hat are for more than just style.

6) Molly Gilbert, Mint Cowgirl Art Print

A fantastic example of the classic style of Western ink drawings, but modern and in beautiful colors. I love everything about this design.

7) Art School Pariah, STOMP the Patriarchy Art Print

Because real cowgirls got no need for your old-fashioned sexist ways.

8) Doodle By Meg, Desert Cowgirl Sleeveless Top

A little sunset-toned whimsy here for you. Doodle By Meg’s got tons of desert and cowgirl-inspired works, along with lots of other colorful and fun designs, so be sure to check them out!

9) Allie Falcon, Lady Outlaw Art Print

I love this smooth criminal. Seriously. Yeah, Lady Outlaw, go ahead and take my money, you can have it.

10) Carly Rorabacher, Midnight Cowgirl Art Print

You cannot convince me that the film Midnight Cowboy is neither a Western nor super gay. You just can’t. And honestly this cowgirl-style artwork of a Once Upon a Time (?) character does not help your case.

That rounds off this week’s extended list! Come back next week for more cool art!

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