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Campfire Product Roundup

Howdy! I’m going camping this week, and in honor of that adventure, this is the campfire product roundup! Because who doesn’t need a little more fire in their lives? I mean really. Especially a good dry Christmas tree fire. Good times.

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1) Hot Pine Press, Campfire Sew On Patch

I am always down for neat screenprinted patches, and this green design fits the bill perfectly. Even more impressive that you can see so much detail with only 2 colors!

2) Parlor Trick Prints, Campfire Pin

Okay, in all honesty, the face on the marshmallow kind of creeps me out. Other than that, this pin is super cool. Simple but bold. I dig the whole shop, really.

3) Kristin’s Paintbrush, Campfire Vinyl Sticker

A little different than the standard campfire sticker, this lovely piece started on canvas. One reviewer said it’s like having a mini painting, and they’re not wrong!

4) Sheila Rae Van Delft, Campfire 1 Art Print

When I first saw this work I was certain I saw a photograph. Nope! It’s a painting! Sheila has other beautiful surprisingly realistic impressionistic nature scenes up for sale, so if chill rustic is your vibe, check her out!

5) rusticautumn, Campfire Poster

This photograph perfectly captures the feeling of relaxing in a gorgeous place, with a cup of your favorite beverage in hand, the warmth of the fire fending off the cool of the water. I love it.

6) sebmatton, Campfire T-Shirt

The minimalism of this design is top notch. Just be careful about what color shirt you get–the color of the interior flame will change with the color of the shirt. Perfect for creating a little green fire, though…maniacal villain laughter? Where?

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