possum paper works product roundup

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Opossums – Product Roundup

Welcome to the first Possum Paper Works Product Roundup! In this series, I’ll choose one topic (usually a word or phrase) and find neat pieces on Etsy, Redbubble, Society6, and wherever else artists and creators sell their works for your perusal and support.

Today our theme is the mighty nocturnal warrior: the opossum. At home in both the country and the city, the opossum is both a danger to humans (so many teeth, kind of jerks) and a boon to us (unlikely to get Rabies, kills unwanted things).

At the hands of the artists in this post, possums have become symbols of country pride and of punk rebellion; they are cute and cuddly and ready to fight you.

With that in mind, here’s six cool opossum artworks!

product roundup 1

1) Juniper Moon Folk Arts, Happy Boi ‘Possum Pin

Look at this happy little cowboy hat boi! So much joy. I love the works that JMFA put out. Country possum punks are my favorite possum punks.

6/15/20 Update: Autostraddle did an article on JMFA, proving that country possum punks are the best kinds of possum punks. <3

2) Sharpie Harpy, Resist Normativity Prints and Sticker

When this came out on Etsy I just about died. I first saw Sharpie Harpy art on a trip to Asheville right after I started my shop, and I loved the work and quickly followed the store on Etsy. I have not been disappointed. Recently I was gifted one of their works, the Orville Peck relief print bandana and I absolutely adore it. I cannot recommend this artist’s work highly enough.

3) Dipped In Ink Crochet, Timothy Opossum Crochet Pattern

I named my crochet opossum from Dipped in Ink Crochet Paulie, and the pre-made possum is not currently available, but you can still pick up a PDF of the pattern for Tiny Timothy the Opossum! If you’re not into crochet, there’s tons of other nerdy and cute characters available.

4) Possum Paper Works, Possum Paper Logo Sticker

It’s me! This is the official Possum Paper Works logo, available on a sticker just for you! Your guitar case, laptop, water bottle, or  your sick 1950s Chevy Bel Air looking drab? In the east coast version of a classic Portlandia sketch, put a possum on it! Disclaimer: I cannot be blamed if an opossum appears in your kitchen because of this sticker. Opossums do what they want.

5) Saint Duke, Deviant Art Print

I just dig this, what can I say? I know I said earlier country possum punks are my favorite, but this dude is pretty cool too. He kind of looks like a vampire possum. Which is a bit redundant, I suppose, with the nocturnal thing and the teeth…regardless. Very cool art.

6) Sive Lobanova, Opossum Trash Club T-Shirt

I, too, identify as the trash.

possum paper works logo

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If you’re still hungry for more arts to shop, may I recommend my own lines of notebooks on Etsy and my art on Society6 and Redbubble? Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this blog running!