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Maple Leaf Product Roundup

Happy Fall! It’s hitting the low 40s (Fahrenheit, of course) around here all of a sudden. I could not be happier. I’m about to belt out the Snow Miser song, I’m so happy.

Okay, that doesn’t say much, really. I’ll belt that out in June. It worked, once, managed to summon some snow. Not in June. But still. I digress. As I do.

Sadly, it’s not winter yet. For that reason (winter = end of semester), this is a quick one, the throes of the semester deeply upon me.

Nonetheless, I have six lovely new maple leaf art pieces for you to enjoy in this week’s roundup! If you’re a fall fanatic, or Canadian I guess, you’ve come to the right place!

Man…now I want some maple candy…

maple leaf roundup images

1) Shy Faerie, Raw Copper Real Maple Leaf Pendant

I have literally no clue what I would do with a copper-plated maple leaf pendant, especially given I don’t really wear jewelry, but I love this. Copper is beautiful and even more so when it shows the delicate veins of a maple leaf.

2) Ectogasm, Witchy Fall Leaf Enamel Pin

I love that this pin isn’t just a maple leaf, but a leaf with a scene within it. It perfectly captures the feeling of a crisp October evening in the most minimal terms.

3) Ana Piranha, Maple Art Print

I think the person in this piece is just stretching, but something about Ana Piranha’s style caught my eye immediately. The limited palette of warm fall colors makes it even better.

4) Elena Gurevich, Maple Leaf Blue Monoprint Art Print

Yes yes yes monoprints! I love it. Blue might not be the usual maple color, but this print is fantastic for its unique hue.

5) Shaney442, Watercolor Maple Leaf Sticker

Watercolor style stickers fascinate me. This simple design would look amazing on a water-bottle or computer case, perfect for showing everyone your favorite season.

6) Adena J, Autumn Leaves and Berries Spiral Notebook

This pattern screams fall in a perfectly delicate yet bold way. I feel like I’m jumping into a fresh pile of leaves when I look at it. The design comes on tons of other items, great for if you already have more notebooks than you know what to do with (guilty).

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