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Firefly Product Roundup

Apparently I’m on a summer product kick, as today’s roundup features my favorite summer bug (one of very few bugs I actually like), the firefly! Or lightning bug, depending on where you are. I use both in speech. Virginia’s weird like that.

When me and my family went camping recently at Hungry Mother State Park (highly recommend!), the mountain climate meant that fireflies surrounded our cabin in full force at night. I always forget how much I love seeing those weird glowing bugs until they appear again. I don’t care about the science behind the glow. I’m calling it magic.

Here’s the firefly product roundup, a little tail-end of summer magic for you.

firefly product roundup products

1) Glass For Happy, Fireflies Bead & Kari Beads, Glass Firefly

Okay, yes, this is two items, but they’re quite similar. The Glass For Happy fireflies come in minimum sets of 3, and have an option to add holes for beadwork. Also just beautifully simple. When I came up with this topic for the roundup, I wanted to find a glass lightning bug that I loved, and these fit the bill nicely.

The Kari Beads fireflies are more expensive, but their rear ends are glow-in-the-dark. The overall design is also more detailed. I love both works, but would definitely not use the Kari Beads one for something that needs a lot of fireflies!

2) Lara Paulussen, Fireflies Tote Bag

Normally I don’t include bags in these roundups, but this design on a bag looks amazing. Seriously, more than any other design here, Paulussen’s art captures the magic of a night of catching lightning bugs. It’s also available as a print, if you want the whimsical piece on your wall.

3) Loft817, Firefly Jar Dictionary Art Print

I love altered book art like this print. The design is laser-printed onto old dictionary pages! Each print is unique. This would probably look right at home in a cottage retreat in the woods, right beside a shelf full of books and a window seat…

4) Haley Bubley, Eco-Friendly Bulb Art Print

Speaking of great wall art for your cabin, this whimsical design is top notch! A+ for the clever humor here. I have to wonder, though–how would you keep the bugs alive if they’re encased in the glass? …I’m probably thinking about this too much…

5) La Chicharra, Glow in the Dark Firefly Enamel Pin

A lovely pin! And it glows in the dark! So maybe don’t wear it during games of summertime hide and seek. Or do. Whatever. You do you. I’ll just be over here digging this luminous work.

6) Design Cardinal, Lightning Bug Sticker

Nice clean lines and colors and a gorgeous design. Love it. Also available as a nice print on Society6 , and on tons of other items on Redbubble. Put your bold firefly everywhere!

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